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Designed and hand crafted by Jonathan Blackwell


All the pieces reveal his own artistic style. Most of his inspiration comes from each slab of wood yet is influenced by the Mid-Century Modern era and traditional Costa Rican furniture.



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At Home

Appreciate Each Piece

We offer various type of furniture, fixtures and accessories for your home.


All sorts of tables for any room as well as benches, desks, floating shelves or shelving units, and accessories like cutting boards, serving trays, charcuterie boards, spice racks, essential oil holders and more.


We also have counter tops, doors, headboards or entire bed frames and more.

At Work

Customized For Your Space

Whether you need an office or reception desk, a conference or coffee table, we've got you covered. We also offer shelving units for equipment or product displays.  

We can make signage, accent walls, or anything unique your business needs.


Set the Stage

We can build a wide array of products to complement or create the theme for your business. We work with all hospitality and food service industries.


Hotel reception desks, lobby benches, accent walls and entryways. Restaurant bar tops and tables, serving trays such as charcuterie boards and beer flights as well as catering buffets.

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